TomTom ONE 125 Portable GPS Navigator With Maps of US

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TomTom ONE 125 Portable GPS Navigator With Maps of US

Compact and Sleek, The TomTom 125 is an affordable Navigation System.

The TomTom ONE 125 is the perfect travel companion with its compact size and ultra powerful features. TomTom has made affordable navigation feature rich with this awesome 3.5” touch screen automotive navigation system. Built right inside the ONE 125 is a powerful GPS receiver for superb reception and Easyport mount attached to the back of the unit makes is simply to move from car to car. Features like TomTom Map Share and the “Help Me!” emergency menu round out the advanced features on this affordable portable navigation device.

What is Map Share Technology?
The TomTom ONE 125 is pre-loaded with detailed TeleAtlas maps for the United States only. Because roads change, TomTom has setup the ability for you, the user to edit or change the pre-loaded maps. You are able to mark blocked or unblocked streets, insert the new name of a street, and even reverse the direction of a One Way street. Changes will immediately take effect in your ONE 125. You are also able to share your changes and capture changes from other Map Share users via the include TomTom HOME software.

Using the touch screen, enter the address or one of the millions of points of interest that you are traveling to and the TomTom 125 will route you there. You have 4 different routing options available: quickest, shortest, avoid toll roads and by required arrival time. You can also choose between a traditional overhead view of the map or a 3-D view for a true perspective of what is ahead. Once you are on your way the 125 guides you along with verbal turn-by-turn directions through its powerful built in speaker. If you miss a turn the TomTom ONE 125 will recalculate your directions and get you right back on track. The ONE 125 will even tell you where the cheapest gas prices are, just connect the unit to the TomTom Home software once a day for the daily update, a subscription from TomTom is required.

The TomTom “Help me!” menu allows easy access to emergency services. With the touch of the screen the TomTom 125 can give you details and guide you to emergency services such as police and fire stations, as well as hospitals.

The TomTom ONE 125 does not come with a Carry Case or the 110-Volt adapter. Both accessories are highly recommended for the TomTom ONE 125.

TomTom One 125 Special Features
Detailed mapping of the United States preloaded.
Included TomTom Map Share Technology and “Help me!” menu.
Compact size with a 3.5″ diagonal touch-screen display.
Easyport Mount easily folds up for quick and easy storage .
Anti-glare screen; always an optimal view, even in direct sunlight.
TomTom ONE 125 Details
Each TomTom ONE 125 comes with : TomTom ONE 125 Unit loaded with maps of the United States only, Car charger, USB cable, Easyport Windshield mount, Adhesive dash disk and Documentation pack and a One-Year Warranty.
Unit Size : 3.8”H x 3.2”W x 1”D
Display Size : 3.5” Diag.
Weight : 6.1 oz.
TomTom For 2008

Q: What new models of TomTom are there this spring of 2008?
A: At current count, TomTom has released 6 new models: four ONEs and two GOs.

Q: What’s new in the TomTom ONE line?
A: The TomTom ONE series represents full navigation function at a small price. The ONE 130 is the budget model, with a 3.5″ diagonal touch-screen, pre-loaded maps of the United States and Canada, and basic voice instructions. Upgrade to the ONE 130 S for text-to-speech voice instructions as well. The ONE XL 330 and XL 330 S are similar to the 130 series, but have wider 4.3″ diagonal screens.

Q: Really, what does the “S” actually stand for?
A: The “S” in models ONE 130 S and ONE XL 330 S stands for “speaks street names,” or “text-to-speech.” A model without text-to-speech will simply say “In 300 feet, turn right,” but a text-to-speech-enabled model will say “In 300 feet, turn righton Broadway.” Thus in announcing street names, there is less chance of confusion as to where to go, especially if there’s a fork in the road or two turns next to each other.

Q: How about the new GO models, whats new there? And where the heck are the “T” models?
A: The new GO series consists of the GO 730 and GO 930. The GO 730 and GO 930 can receive traffic updates through a Bluetooth phone with internet service on theTomTom PLUSplan. Or, you can add an RDS-TMC FM traffic receiver as an accessory, which will cost more for the hardware up front but will be cheaper the long run, as TMC traffic service will cost you only about $5/month. TomTom states there will not be a “930T” or “730T” model in this years series.

Q: Well then, what is the bottom line difference between the GO 730 and GO 930?
A: See, both are top-of-the-line units that feature TomTom’s latest software upgrades. But, the GO 930 has two minor advantages over the GO 730: built-in maps of Europe in addition to maps of the US & Canada, and Enhanced Positioning Technology that helps keep you on track in tunnels, where there is no signal or city valleys.

Q: Ok then, what do I get with a GO series model that I won’t find with a top-end ONE series model?
A: The GO 730/930 models feature voice address input (So you can actually speak instructions to the GPS!), as well as Bluetooth for hands-free calling, an FM transmitter to get your directions through your car stereo, easy iPod connectivity, integrated traffic receiver, new IQ Routes and Advanced Lane Guidance technologies which provide smarter routes and a real-picture style display of difficult junctions. The ONE series ONLY provides basic navigation information without these enhancements.